The Boss @ Burger Bar Crescent in Montreal

While i was visiting Montreal i had to try more than Poutine and see if the french canadians are able to bring a good old american burger on the table. So we went to Burger Bar Crescent ( a promising name).

The place was really nice and i could watch baseball while i was waiting for my burger. A nice burger with the beautiful name “The Boss”. It came to the table and stood up for his name:


The burger came with a 6 oz AAA beef patty (whatever AAA means), american cheese, bacon, an easy fried egg, lettuce and tomato with dijon mustard. I had to order a salad, because i ate a whole large poutine the day before and this was way too much fat for the whole weekend.

The burger didn’t only look awesome, it was. The beef really earned the AAA grade. it was delicous with a slightly pink center.


A fried egg on a burger is godlike. It gives so much extra taste to it, i loved it. it went very well with the mustard on the burger. no extra ketchup needed! The size of the burger was also filling, i was glad that i didn’t order fries to it. The bun was great, it was soft with a lightly toasted surface.

To conclude, Montreal is definitely able to make really good burgers and i would recommend the place to anybody.

Burger patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 4.5 Stars

Burger Sauce: 5Stars

Overall Rating: 5Stars


Tuscan Turkey Burger @ Bill’s Bar & Burger in Manhattan

I spent a week in New York City and for sure had to try a burger there. We went to Five Guys (Just the same as in Toronto, so i don’t bother to write a blog entry about it) and to Bill’s Bar and Burger.

I was in the mood for a different burger, so i chose the Tuscan Turkey Burger:


A burger with a ground turkey patty, sriracha coleslaw, Lettuce, tomato and pickles on a multigrain bun.


Some people say that New York is the best City in the world to eat a burger. We looked for places in several best of lists and this place was close to our hotel and appeared in a few of them. so i was very excited to try a real good burger.

But this burger was mediocre at least. The Turkey had almost no taste itself. Well, the coleslaw gave some spice to it, but everything else was not impressing. I had to put quite a lot of ketchup and mustard on the burger to enjoy it.

Maybe they just had a bad day in the kitchen or we were in the wrong restaurant or i just didn’t try enough places. But to conclude i have to say that i had way better burgers in Toronto.

Burger patty: 3Stars

Burger size: 4Stars

Burger Sauce: 4Stars

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

The Castor @ P&L Burger

Queen St West is an amazing place to find nice burger places and you can also find P&L Burger there. It was rated as the best Burger under 10$ sometime in the past. In fact, only the hamburger is 9$, all other burgers on the menu are 10$, which is still kind of cheap for a gourmet burger in Toronto and they have only 9 burgers on their menu, which is refreshing in my opinion. You don’t have the agony of choice and go straight for your Burger.

I chose the Castor, a burger with cheddar, peameal bacon, lettuce, crispy onions and BBQ sauce and mayo as sauce in the combo with fries and a drink:


It came with a nice toasted bun and looked gorgeous. But on this picture you can already see that the patty was really dark. And it was in fact overcooked. No pink center is fine with me, but the crunch should come from the bun and from the vegetables. The patty should be soft and juicy and moist. This was more than well done and almost dry.


The sauce on the burger was dominated by the dressing from the lettuce. I have never seen that lettuce on a burger comes with a dressing and for me this is odd. i expected a BBQ taste from this burger, but there was only this strange feeling of eating a salad. The burger was not bad, it tasted really good, it was just not was i expected. And if the patty was more medium roasted it could have been a very nice burger with an awesome taste. But the patty is the most important part and therefore i wasn’t satisfied.

Burger patty: 3Stars

Burger size: 4Stars

Burger Sauce: 3Stars

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

The Farmers Threesome @ Holy Chuck

My Friends were in town, so i brought them to Holy Chuck again to show them how real Burgers taste in Canada. Also, i wanted to try another burger here, since the last one was a little bit disappointing. So i went for “The Farmers Threesome”, a Beast with three patties, one lamb patty, one ground beef patty and one all bacon patty with three slices of cheese, bacon and caramellized onions. Did i say something about a burger that was too greasy in my last blog post? Then why the hell did i just chose this one?? Whatever, the Burger looked awesome:


It was a massive tower of fatty, meaty goodness in front of me. It was just as greasy as last time, but i didn’t care anymore.


The all bacon patty is crazy. It has all the good taste of bacon in it and that can’t be wrong. The cheese was nicely melted and rounded the taste so that i didn’t want to lay the burger down to eat some fries. When i stuffed myself with the burger, i thought that i should really try the “go chuck yourself” challenge.

Sadly, i couldn’t taste any of the lamb patty, because the taste of the bacon was way too strong. not that this is a bad sign, bacon is awesome, but i was really curious how a lamb burger tastes. Maybe i will find another lamb burger somewhere and then i will spare the bacon on it.

To conclude, Holy Chucks reputation in the GTA is real, they earn it. They take their business really serious.

Burger patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 5Stars

Burger Sauce: 5Stars

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Red Lounge Burger @ Red Lounge

This is a place i visited before when i was here in december last year. I had a burger and liked it very much, so i decided to go for it again. This place is a restaurant/bar combination with a wide range of different food choices ranging from asian to american style. It is a great spot for cheap drinks and cheap food and has a student atmosphere.

The burger had no options for toppings, but all the standard toppings were there like cheddar,  tomatoes, onions, lettuce and pickles. The burger came with a tiny amount of fries, which was kind of ridiculous. next time i should just order a salad.

IMG_20150507_183817645The burger was not super big either, but for that price it was totally acceptable. I wasn’t that hungry anyways, so it was perfect. The patty was a standard frozen patty and nothing special. But it was big and a little juicy and i know why i liked the burger last year.


Another thing that i liked about the burger last year was the sauce. But this time there was only a sauce of commercial mustard and a bottle of ketchup on the table, so i was fairly disappointed. Maybe i had too high expectations for this burger, maybe the place has lowered its standards since i have been there the last time. Who knows?

The bun was toasted, so it wasn’t as soft as in most places, so that made me happy at least. I would go there again, but i would try another dish from their pretty large menu and enjoy the inexpensive beer with some friends. 🙂

Burger patty: 4Stars

Burger size: 3Stars

Burger Sauce: 3Stars

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

Bacon Cheeseburger @ Tat Burger

I was searching for a Burger Place in the area where i live and found Tat Burger. This is a small burger place which has inexpensive burgers, unlike all the gourmet places i have been to. The place is really small and doesn’t look very welcoming, but the staff there was really nice. I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger in a combo with fries and a drink for 8$ and i could choose all the vegetable options on the burger. I decided upon lettuce, peppers, red onions, pickles and ketchup with mustard as a sauce.


The burger came in a soft burger bun and looked very flat compared to other burgers that i had. The next photo will show what i mean:


But the burger was very tasty. The patty was frozen, but it still had the juicily flavor of ground beef, which was very appealing for this price. The sauce was standard, of course. Ketchup and mustard are nothing special, but it was definitely okay. The fries were crunchy and after that meal i was well filled, although i could eat more on a better day.

To conclude, it was a standard burger for a very reasonable price in a small location.

Burger patty: 3Stars

Burger size: 4Stars

Burger Sauce: 3Stars

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

El Matador @ Bareburger

This place was recommended by a co-worker, so we went there together. He warned me several times that Bareburger is rather expensive, but i gave it a shot anyways. It is an “Organic Burger Place” with a stylish hipster touch. I ordered a burger with a bison patty, something i had never eaten before, so i was curious. It came with cheese curds, pickled jalapenos, guacamole, pico de gallo (diced tomatoes, onions, chilies) in a brioche bun.


The burger looked delicious. I bit into it and felt the cold(!) guacamole sauce. It felt very weird to have a hot patty with cold sauce on top. But the bison patty was freaking mouth watering. I loved the taste of the tender and juicy meat. The overall feeling of the burger was great, so in the end it didn’t really matter that the first bite felt so weird.


The toasted bun was firm and crunchy, just the way i like it. 🙂 In the background you can see the supreme burger that my co-worker had. It looked also really tasty and honestly, i was a little bit jealous. The waiter was really nice and asked us several times if everything is “awesome” (That’s what he said, believe it or not…). To conclude, i can say that the burger was very good except for the cold sauce. But i don’t know if i want to go again, because it was expensive and i am normally not the hipster person that needs this kind of place.

Burger patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 4Stars

Burger Sauce: 3Stars

Overall Rating: 4Stars