The Beast Style Double @ The Stockyards

I really wanted to visit The Stockyards, a familiy BBQ restaurant on St. Clair Ave, because they have a good recommendation in the GTA and on the internet. So i went with the other germans on a monday and we stood in front of a closed door. Damn, i should have looked up their opening hours. So we just went to Holy Chuck instead. But another look on their menu the next day convinced me to give it another try for lunch. So i went there alone and tried to order one of their Dirty Thirty burgers. They only make 30 per day, but i was early, so i thought i could be lucky. But the nice waitress told me that they didn’t even started to make the patties for the burgers. That was a bummer. But since i was there i ordered Beast Style with two patties instead:

The Stockyards (3)

The burger comes with two mustard seared patties, served with secret sauce,caramelized onions, lettuce, american style cheese and pickles. whenever i read secret sauce, i expect a big mac sauce. No, seriously, i had burgers with secret sauce at Holy Chuck, Burgers Priest and now at The Stockyards, and every secret sauce tastes like the big mac sauce from McDonalds. I know that a lot of people like it, but i don’t. And i don’t want to remember the taste of a shitty McD burger, when i pay $14 for a burger. But gladly the mustard seared beef patties were gourmet burger worthy. They were made from fresh meat and had a light pink center, but i had the feeling that they didn’t use the best meat. The burger dripped, which is okay, but not only from fat, but also water. I think this is a sign of cheap meat, but i can be wrong, i am no expert in that matter. 

The Stockyards (2)

Despite all that the burger was still pretty awesome. The bun was great and held the burger well together and it was really beastly massive. I didn’t order fries and i was still full afterwards.

Sadly, i couldn’t try their dirty thirty burger, but this one was also good. And the atmosphere in that place was tremendous. The waitress was so nice and was making jokes all the time, so i really enjoyed my time there.

Burger patty: 4Stars

Burger size: 5Stars

Burger Sauce: 3Stars

Overall Rating: 4Stars


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