Pulled Pork Sandwich @ PigOut BBQ

Okay, this one is cheated, but i really wanted to mention this place, PigOut BBQ. It is a great BBQ place and they also have burgers, but today i was more interested in their Pulled Pork Sandwich. And it looks very similar to a burger, right?:

PigOut (1)

I f%&$ing love pulled pork. And the sandwich that you can get here is an awesome one. You have the choice between spicy, sweet, and smokey BBQ sauce and i took the smokey one. I had the sweet one before and it was not that good, but the smokey is just delicious. The pulled pork is just right and very tender. The bun is soft, but lightly toasted and it soakes up all the juicy fat from the pork, so that it is even more delicious.

And if you take the combo you get a mountain of fries, coleslaw and a can of pop with your sandwich for just $10.95:

PigOut (3)

I was so full afterwards, that i left a couple of fries and half of the coleslaw on the plate.

So, even when this was not a real burger, it can compete with a lot of burgers in Toronto. Not with the really great ones, but if you ever need a break from all the beef patties, this is a great alternative.

Burger patty: 4Stars

Burger size: 5Stars

Burger Sauce: 4Stars

Overall Rating: 4Stars


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