The Boom @ Woody’s Burger

Another place that was mentioned on reddit was Woody’s Burger in the far south west end in Toronto. It was far away from any subway station, so i was glad that i went with my coworker who has a car. We went there and i was really excited because it was kind of praised on reddit and the menu on their website looks really cool. I had chosen a nice burger already and i was really hungry.

I chose The Boom, which is a classic Beef burger with house made pulled pork, grilled jalapenos, smoked gouda, fried onions, chipotle mayo and smoked ketchup.

Woody's Burger (1)

You can choose any additional toppings at the counter so i added tomato, cucumber, lettuce and red onions. I put that good looking deliciousness together and i looked really appealing:

Woody's Burger (2)

The bun was nice and lightly crusty and held the burger good together. The patty was large and the meat was awesome. A nice and slightly pink grilled beef patty. I couldn’t wish for more. The chipotle mayo and the smoked ketchup brought a nice touch to the burger and it was the right amount of sauce on it. All the additional toppings were pretty standard, they were fresh and tasty. But there was also pulled pork on the burger! Since i visited two Ribfests in Toronto and Ottawa, i learned that pulled pork is the second most delicious way to process pork (nothing beats bacon). But this was mediocre at best. It was just not tender. Maybe they didn’t cook it long enough. But the whole experience of the burger was still amazing.

I was really hungry and although the burger was big i was glad that the portion of sweet potato fries were large and after i finished all the fries, which were also great, i was almost exploding.

I would definitely recommend this place. They have a patio, which is pretty loud, because the place is right at the lake shore blvd, but nonetheless good to enjoy their tremendous food.

Burger Patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 5Stars

Burger Sauce: 5Stars

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars


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