Fully Loaded @ Burgernator

I have been at the Kensington Market for several times now and i really like it there. You can get great food and feel the hipster atmosphere there. I usually buy my coffee there, because i was introduced to moonbean coffee, a place where they roast the coffee beans freshly and you can choose out of a large variety of beans in different roast stages. And every time i went there, i saw The Burgernator. Lots of recommendations took part in my long time decision to go there. I just never did it. And now i regret my laziness. I went in and the place looked nice and i could see into the kitchen. The kitchen looked a bit messy, but it was clean and there was a huge bowl of freshly grounded beef there. Awesome. I was hungry, but not for fries, so i just decided to get a big burger. I chose the “Fully loaded”:

Burgernator (2)

And the Tray was fully loaded! Unfortunately, the burger fell to the side, but the waiter apologized instantly and i said it didn’t matter. At least i could get a good shot at the ingredients: a double beef patty, cheddar, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions and a fried egg over lettuce and tomatoes in a nice bun.

Burgernator (1)

The meat was amazing. The whole burger was really greasy, but not to the point that the burger had no more crunch. The burgernator sauce on the burger was just right and i enjoyed every bit of it. It was a little messy, but with that taste, it really was no problem at all.

I also ordered a vanilla milkshake, but they ran out of vanilla ice cream, so i just took a coke to the burger. After that excessive meat and egg festival i had to just sit there for a while before i left the place.

I regret that i didn’t went earlier to this place, because it is really close to the university and could have tried a lot more of their burgers. I just have to hope that the place still exists when i come back to toronto.

Burger Patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 5Stars

Burger Sauce: 5Stars

Overall Rating: 5Stars


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