The Pretty Boy Floyd @ Gangster Burger

Queen Street West in the Fashion District is a glory place for all your hipster needs, but also if you want to eat a nice burger. I went to Gangster Burger, a place dedicated to the Bad Boys. All their Burgers are named after Gangster Bosses and i decided that i needed the Pretty Boy Floyd, a burger with Mac&Cheese (!), cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, chipotle mayo and gangster goo (spicy ketchup) on it.

Gangster Burger (1)

To be honest, it doesn’t look very appealing, but the first bites into that cheesy goodness were a confirmation of all the good talk about this place. The meat was fresh and grilled to the point. And for only $8.5 before tax you really can’t say no to this burger. And the Mac&Cheese on it were a really good idea. I only had the burger, since i wasn’t that hungry, but after it i was really full. The bun was a nice example of a good soft bun, slightly toasted and not dry at all. The chipotle mayo and the gangster goo gave the burger a juicy overall feeling. But i think it lacked the right amount of vegetables on it. I only noticed that you can add more ingredients to your burger when i already placed my order. A pity, because they also had a fried egg on the list, which a learned to appreciate on my journey here.

To conclude, this burger place has a lot of potential and they know their business. I also liked the atmosphere in there, since i could listen to really loud gangster rap. I don’t think that i could work there the whole day, so respect to the people there. But for the authenticity it is a good idea.

Burger patty: 4Stars

Burger size: 4Stars

Burger Sauce: 5Stars

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars


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