The Boss @ Burger Bar Crescent in Montreal

While i was visiting Montreal i had to try more than Poutine and see if the french canadians are able to bring a good old american burger on the table. So we went to Burger Bar Crescent ( a promising name).

The place was really nice and i could watch baseball while i was waiting for my burger. A nice burger with the beautiful name “The Boss”. It came to the table and stood up for his name:


The burger came with a 6 oz AAA beef patty (whatever AAA means), american cheese, bacon, an easy fried egg, lettuce and tomato with dijon mustard. I had to order a salad, because i ate a whole large poutine the day before and this was way too much fat for the whole weekend.

The burger didn’t only look awesome, it was. The beef really earned the AAA grade. it was delicous with a slightly pink center.


A fried egg on a burger is godlike. It gives so much extra taste to it, i loved it. it went very well with the mustard on the burger. no extra ketchup needed! The size of the burger was also filling, i was glad that i didn’t order fries to it. The bun was great, it was soft with a lightly toasted surface.

To conclude, Montreal is definitely able to make really good burgers and i would recommend the place to anybody.

Burger patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 4.5 Stars

Burger Sauce: 5Stars

Overall Rating: 5Stars


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