H’ordeuvres Burger @ Chemistry Formal

Even Chemists can gather together, dress up and have a good time with good food, nice drinks and music to dance to. The ChemClub organized a “Chemistry Formal”, so we all suited up and were ready to have a good time.


As we were standing around and drinking the first drinks of the evening, a waiter approached us and i got this beauty in my hands:


The burger had no real patty, but it was rather a pork ragout between a white bun. I had one bite and really enjoyed the taste of it. I was not really sure what to think of it, so i bit again and the burger was gone. 😦

Despite the fact that it was really tiny, i enjoyed the burger so much that i almost forget to have fun this evening. Anyways, the meat was smooth and tasty and the bun was nor too soft nor too firm. It was just right, so i would recommend it to anyone.

Burger patty: 4Stars

Burger size: 1Star

Burger Sauce: 3Stars

Overall Rating: 3Stars


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