El Matador @ Bareburger

This place was recommended by a co-worker, so we went there together. He warned me several times that Bareburger is rather expensive, but i gave it a shot anyways. It is an “Organic Burger Place” with a stylish hipster touch. I ordered a burger with a bison patty, something i had never eaten before, so i was curious. It came with cheese curds, pickled jalapenos, guacamole, pico de gallo (diced tomatoes, onions, chilies) in a brioche bun.


The burger looked delicious. I bit into it and felt the cold(!) guacamole sauce. It felt very weird to have a hot patty with cold sauce on top. But the bison patty was freaking mouth watering. I loved the taste of the tender and juicy meat. The overall feeling of the burger was great, so in the end it didn’t really matter that the first bite felt so weird.


The toasted bun was firm and crunchy, just the way i like it. 🙂 In the background you can see the supreme burger that my co-worker had. It looked also really tasty and honestly, i was a little bit jealous. The waiter was really nice and asked us several times if everything is “awesome” (That’s what he said, believe it or not…). To conclude, i can say that the burger was very good except for the cold sauce. But i don’t know if i want to go again, because it was expensive and i am normally not the hipster person that needs this kind of place.

Burger patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 4Stars

Burger Sauce: 3Stars

Overall Rating: 4Stars


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