The Dream Come True @ Toma Burger Addiction

On Saturday it was really freezing again, after i thought that spring is finally arriving, but -9°C is everything else, but not spring. Even though the sun was shining, i was glad that i decided to go to Toma Burger Addiction for lunch because of a recommendation on Reddit. This place is really nice. It is like a little restaurant and not your typical burger place. Well, it claims to be a gourmet burger place, so they have to stick to that image, i guess. Anyways, the menu lets you decide if you like to “keep it classy” or if you want to “get a little crazy”. I decided to get a little crazy, of course. I chose the burger “The Dream Come True” with a Beef patty, double cheddar, pulled pork, onion rings, roasted garlic aioli, caramelized onions, bbq sauce and fresh parsley.


Wow, what a long list of ingredients. All these ingredients fitted very well together and it was a great burger. The Bun was toasted and firm and had a T toasted on it. 🙂


The Beef Patty was great. Well done, juicy and big enough to give the burger a dominant taste of it. The aioli sauce supported the beef taste and cheddar always goes with it. I don’t have much experience with pulled pork, but i can say i really like it. Sometimes it is dry, but the pork on this burger was nice and smooth and gave the burger the last bit of awesomeness. I was really hungry, but i did not order any side dish, because i saw a big bowl of fries on another table and decided that would be too much for me with this 15$ Burger (before tax). It turned out that the burger was not that massive as i expected, but it was okay for me. I was provided with a big bottle of tap water, so i was satisfied. But the price is really high imo, i guess you have to pay for that nice location on Queen Street W and the interior.

Burger patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 4Stars

Burger Sauce: 4Stars

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars


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