Burgerrito @ Jackson’s Burger

Jackson’s Burger has a Grand Opening Special where you get a second Burger for free, if you buy the featured burger of the day. We went on a Thursday, so the only real option for us poor people was the Burgerrito. I didn’t mind, because that would have been my burger of choice on that day anyway. The Burgerrito is a burger with “free range beef, avocado explosion, salsa, sour cream, lettuce and dusted onions”.


It was the avocado explosion that i was curious about. The picture on the website of Jackson’s Burger lets you think that this thing is huge. In reality it is much smaller, but still an explosion in taste and avocado cream. On the next picture you get a better impression of the burger:

IMG_20150319_182516914The Avocado explosion was essentially a deep fried mashed avocado. It was all the sauce the burger needed and made it really greasy. The Bun was a whole grain bun. I know that most of the whole grain breads in north america are soft, and maybe that’s because i am german, but everytime in eat a soft whole grain bun, i miss the crunch. But it tasted still good, though. The beef was pretty good, nothing special, just fresh, well done ground beef. The dominating taste on the burger came from the avocado in combination with the sour cream. Not a bad taste, i must say. It is refreshing to taste these gourmet style burger variations. The place is more of a take-out burger place, so i was not really comfortable to sit there and eat our burgers. But the people were really nice there and we had a good time.

Burger patty: 3Stars

Burger size: 3Stars

Burger Sauce: 4Stars

Overall Rating: 4Stars


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