The Pope @ Burger’s Priest

Holy Shit!

I went to Burger’s Priest and got to eat “The Pope” from their secret menu. It was a big ass cheeseburger with two patties plus “The Option“: “A custom blend of cheesy goodness sandwiched between two roasted portabello mushrooms, breaded and deep fried”. It came in a paper bag with a big portion of great fries and i got myself a root beer with that for 21$.

0305 Burgers Priest (2)

I immediately saw that the burger was massive. Then i unwrapped it and i knew what they ment with “cheesy goodness”:

0305 Burgers Priest (7)

The taste was awesome. This place was recommended so many times and always titled as the best burger of Toronto, so i had a high anticipation. And i was not disappointed. The Beef was so juicy, i finished the burger without eating even one of the fries in between. The Option brought so much cheese on it, that is was almost ridiculous. This combined with that kind of beef, you don’t even need an additional sauce. Anyways, it was a little messy, but they did not hesitate to put enough napkins (seriously, watch the video, and if you don’t understand, watch this) in the paper bag, so it was okay for me. Here is another picture of his highness, the holy pope:

0305 Burgers Priest (6)

The place was small and crowded, but we managed to get a table there. I think it is much nicer in the summer, when you just can take your burger out and eat it on the street. One last word to the bun: it was a soft one and i said it before, i prefer more crusty buns, but the patty is definitely the more important part. It doesn’t affect this 5 star rating:

Burger Patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 5Stars

Burger Sauce: 5Stars

Overall Rating: 5Stars


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