HERO Burger @ HERO Certified Burgers

Today i stopped by at the francise chain “HERO Certified Burgers” on Bloor/Bathurst for a delicious burger. The concept of “HERO” is easy: Do as you like! I was able to choose all ingredients of my burger myself, and i ended up with this beauty on my table:


This is the smallest choice of Angus Beef (4 oz) in a multigrain flatbread bun with lettuce, cheddar, tomato, red onion, jalapeno peppers and the HERO Certified Sauce. I chose the combo with fries, ketchup and a bottomless drink:


The first thing that i noticed was the great bun. I was always a fan of crusty multigrain buns on burgers and this was just the way it has to be. Unfortunately, the patty was a little bit chewy, but on the other hand it was delicious. Not to fatty and it reminded me of german “Frikadellen” xD. I prefer a more “beefy” taste (i don’t know how to describe it), but thats just my opinion. The cheddar cheese was not melted and therefore subprime, but the sauce was really juicy and gave the whole burger a fresh feeling. This was also due to the other ingredients. The vegetables were really crisp and harmonized great with the sauce and the bun. Here is another picture, where you can see the crusty bread:


I like the concept and will definitely go again to eat a different burger. Maybe i will try the salmon burger next time or mushrooms, let’s see. But i will try another location, since there are at least 20 of them Downtown and this one was very small.

Burger patty: 3.5 Stars

Burger size: 4Stars

Burger Sauce: 4Stars

Overall Rating: 4Stars


2 thoughts on “HERO Burger @ HERO Certified Burgers

  1. If hero burger doesnt kill you or make you very sick with their disrespectfull and discourteous service. Every time you eat at hero burger, you take your life in your hands. There is no food service ticket required by every fast food chain. Your burger is precooked by at least 2 hours and held in storage under the proper temp. If you ever eat at 441 Queen, you should sign a form that negates them from the responsibility to your well being. If i took a shit and put it on a bun, You would be safer eating that, than what they serve at 441 Queen.


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