Gettin’ Piggy with it @ The WORKS

Despite freezing -20°C outside i risked a ride to a location that was recommended by a co-worker. I visited the gourmet burger chain “The WORKS” near the St. Lawrence Market today and satisfied my craving for beef and bacon with the well advertised “Gettin’ Piggy with it“. I took the menu with coke and “Weeds”(a garden salad) for a total of 21$.

0215 gettin piggy with it 3The burger came in a zinc tray, probably to prevent spreading all the toppings over the table. The advertisement was not telling lies, the burger was big and the waitress asked me if needed a knife to eat that thing. My manliness in me said no, so i grabbed it and tasted the really good burger patty between the grain buns. 100% canadian ground beef with a slightly pink center! Great!
0215 gettin piggy with it 5
All that bacon and the crunchy onions were awesome! Okay, there was no green stuff or vegetables on the burger, but i had my side dish, so that was okay. Two squeeze bottles with ketchup and mustard were provided and i added a little bit of these to the “Bacon(!) Ketchup” on the burger. The sauce was good, but i was not able to distinguish between the bacon taste from the actual bacon and the sauce. But whatever, this was what i ordered, a burger from the “Baconism II special” :D. I was glad that i choose the salad because the meal with fries would have been too much.

Incidentally, the coke came in a measuring cup made of glass which made me smile and enjoy it a little bit more.

0215 gettin piggy with it 7

The location was stylish and small. The waiter and the waitresses were attentive and helpful, so i had a good time there. The only thing that i could criticize is the prize of the meal. The Burger was 15.47$ plus tax. The side dish is included, but the coke was 2.98$ plus tax on top. Even though the burger was terrific, the price is a drawback for me to go again.

Burger patty: 4Stars

Burger size: 5Stars

Burger Sauce: 4Stars

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars


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