Pulled Pork Sandwich @ PigOut BBQ

Okay, this one is cheated, but i really wanted to mention this place, PigOut BBQ. It is a great BBQ place and they also have burgers, but today i was more interested in their Pulled Pork Sandwich. And it looks very similar to a burger, right?:

PigOut (1)

I f%&$ing love pulled pork. And the sandwich that you can get here is an awesome one. You have the choice between spicy, sweet, and smokey BBQ sauce and i took the smokey one. I had the sweet one before and it was not that good, but the smokey is just delicious. The pulled pork is just right and very tender. The bun is soft, but lightly toasted and it soakes up all the juicy fat from the pork, so that it is even more delicious.

And if you take the combo you get a mountain of fries, coleslaw and a can of pop with your sandwich for just $10.95:

PigOut (3)

I was so full afterwards, that i left a couple of fries and half of the coleslaw on the plate.

So, even when this was not a real burger, it can compete with a lot of burgers in Toronto. Not with the really great ones, but if you ever need a break from all the beef patties, this is a great alternative.

Burger patty: 4Stars

Burger size: 5Stars

Burger Sauce: 4Stars

Overall Rating: 4Stars


The Beast Style Double @ The Stockyards

I really wanted to visit The Stockyards, a familiy BBQ restaurant on St. Clair Ave, because they have a good recommendation in the GTA and on the internet. So i went with the other germans on a monday and we stood in front of a closed door. Damn, i should have looked up their opening hours. So we just went to Holy Chuck instead. But another look on their menu the next day convinced me to give it another try for lunch. So i went there alone and tried to order one of their Dirty Thirty burgers. They only make 30 per day, but i was early, so i thought i could be lucky. But the nice waitress told me that they didn’t even started to make the patties for the burgers. That was a bummer. But since i was there i ordered Beast Style with two patties instead:

The Stockyards (3)

The burger comes with two mustard seared patties, served with secret sauce,caramelized onions, lettuce, american style cheese and pickles. whenever i read secret sauce, i expect a big mac sauce. No, seriously, i had burgers with secret sauce at Holy Chuck, Burgers Priest and now at The Stockyards, and every secret sauce tastes like the big mac sauce from McDonalds. I know that a lot of people like it, but i don’t. And i don’t want to remember the taste of a shitty McD burger, when i pay $14 for a burger. But gladly the mustard seared beef patties were gourmet burger worthy. They were made from fresh meat and had a light pink center, but i had the feeling that they didn’t use the best meat. The burger dripped, which is okay, but not only from fat, but also water. I think this is a sign of cheap meat, but i can be wrong, i am no expert in that matter. 

The Stockyards (2)

Despite all that the burger was still pretty awesome. The bun was great and held the burger well together and it was really beastly massive. I didn’t order fries and i was still full afterwards.

Sadly, i couldn’t try their dirty thirty burger, but this one was also good. And the atmosphere in that place was tremendous. The waitress was so nice and was making jokes all the time, so i really enjoyed my time there.

Burger patty: 4Stars

Burger size: 5Stars

Burger Sauce: 3Stars

Overall Rating: 4Stars

The Boom @ Woody’s Burger

Another place that was mentioned on reddit was Woody’s Burger in the far south west end in Toronto. It was far away from any subway station, so i was glad that i went with my coworker who has a car. We went there and i was really excited because it was kind of praised on reddit and the menu on their website looks really cool. I had chosen a nice burger already and i was really hungry.

I chose The Boom, which is a classic Beef burger with house made pulled pork, grilled jalapenos, smoked gouda, fried onions, chipotle mayo and smoked ketchup.

Woody's Burger (1)

You can choose any additional toppings at the counter so i added tomato, cucumber, lettuce and red onions. I put that good looking deliciousness together and i looked really appealing:

Woody's Burger (2)

The bun was nice and lightly crusty and held the burger good together. The patty was large and the meat was awesome. A nice and slightly pink grilled beef patty. I couldn’t wish for more. The chipotle mayo and the smoked ketchup brought a nice touch to the burger and it was the right amount of sauce on it. All the additional toppings were pretty standard, they were fresh and tasty. But there was also pulled pork on the burger! Since i visited two Ribfests in Toronto and Ottawa, i learned that pulled pork is the second most delicious way to process pork (nothing beats bacon). But this was mediocre at best. It was just not tender. Maybe they didn’t cook it long enough. But the whole experience of the burger was still amazing.

I was really hungry and although the burger was big i was glad that the portion of sweet potato fries were large and after i finished all the fries, which were also great, i was almost exploding.

I would definitely recommend this place. They have a patio, which is pretty loud, because the place is right at the lake shore blvd, but nonetheless good to enjoy their tremendous food.

Burger Patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 5Stars

Burger Sauce: 5Stars

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Fully Loaded @ Burgernator

I have been at the Kensington Market for several times now and i really like it there. You can get great food and feel the hipster atmosphere there. I usually buy my coffee there, because i was introduced to moonbean coffee, a place where they roast the coffee beans freshly and you can choose out of a large variety of beans in different roast stages. And every time i went there, i saw The Burgernator. Lots of recommendations took part in my long time decision to go there. I just never did it. And now i regret my laziness. I went in and the place looked nice and i could see into the kitchen. The kitchen looked a bit messy, but it was clean and there was a huge bowl of freshly grounded beef there. Awesome. I was hungry, but not for fries, so i just decided to get a big burger. I chose the “Fully loaded”:

Burgernator (2)

And the Tray was fully loaded! Unfortunately, the burger fell to the side, but the waiter apologized instantly and i said it didn’t matter. At least i could get a good shot at the ingredients: a double beef patty, cheddar, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions and a fried egg over lettuce and tomatoes in a nice bun.

Burgernator (1)

The meat was amazing. The whole burger was really greasy, but not to the point that the burger had no more crunch. The burgernator sauce on the burger was just right and i enjoyed every bit of it. It was a little messy, but with that taste, it really was no problem at all.

I also ordered a vanilla milkshake, but they ran out of vanilla ice cream, so i just took a coke to the burger. After that excessive meat and egg festival i had to just sit there for a while before i left the place.

I regret that i didn’t went earlier to this place, because it is really close to the university and could have tried a lot more of their burgers. I just have to hope that the place still exists when i come back to toronto.

Burger Patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 5Stars

Burger Sauce: 5Stars

Overall Rating: 5Stars

The Pretty Boy Floyd @ Gangster Burger

Queen Street West in the Fashion District is a glory place for all your hipster needs, but also if you want to eat a nice burger. I went to Gangster Burger, a place dedicated to the Bad Boys. All their Burgers are named after Gangster Bosses and i decided that i needed the Pretty Boy Floyd, a burger with Mac&Cheese (!), cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, chipotle mayo and gangster goo (spicy ketchup) on it.

Gangster Burger (1)

To be honest, it doesn’t look very appealing, but the first bites into that cheesy goodness were a confirmation of all the good talk about this place. The meat was fresh and grilled to the point. And for only $8.5 before tax you really can’t say no to this burger. And the Mac&Cheese on it were a really good idea. I only had the burger, since i wasn’t that hungry, but after it i was really full. The bun was a nice example of a good soft bun, slightly toasted and not dry at all. The chipotle mayo and the gangster goo gave the burger a juicy overall feeling. But i think it lacked the right amount of vegetables on it. I only noticed that you can add more ingredients to your burger when i already placed my order. A pity, because they also had a fried egg on the list, which a learned to appreciate on my journey here.

To conclude, this burger place has a lot of potential and they know their business. I also liked the atmosphere in there, since i could listen to really loud gangster rap. I don’t think that i could work there the whole day, so respect to the people there. But for the authenticity it is a good idea.

Burger patty: 4Stars

Burger size: 4Stars

Burger Sauce: 5Stars

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Angus Burger @ Harvey’s

After a long day at the beach i went to grab a burger with a bunch of losers:


We chose the burger chain Harvey’s, which i visited before in Ottawa, but was too lazy to write something about it. This Chain has a few burger options and you can add toppings just the way you like it. It reminds me strongly of the concept of subway restaurants, mainly because you walk along a counter and chose your toppings from the counter and then a sauce to your burger, which come in the same containers as in every subway restaurant.

It is a nice concept and i like it even more than the similar concept from Hero Burger, because you really see what you get.

Anyways, i chose the angus patty with cheese and went all the way with my toppings, as you can see:

Harveys (1)

The toppings were a little bit too much, especially because the pickles, tomatoes and peppers are cold and watery, so that cools the burger down a lot. The patty is okay, but generic at best. It was not bad, but it is a frozen patty. At least the meat was good quality, because it had a lot of taste in it. I chose the chipotle sauce which is not the best burger sauce in my opinion, although i love it on a subway sandwich.

To conclude, this is a very nice chain to grab a quick burger, just like A&W, but there are way better burgers out there.

Burger patty: 3Stars

Burger size: 4Stars

Burger Sauce: 3Stars

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

side note: After we sat down on the table we realized that there is a Burgers Priest right across the street, so maybe we couldn’t enjoy our burger not as much as normal. 😉

Three Cheese and Jalapeno @ Shoeless Joe’s

We went to a Sportsbar called Shoeless Joe’s and guess what? You can get Burgers there. So i ordered a nicely named Burger and hoped that i will get what it offered: The “Three Cheese and Jalapeno Burger” in a menu with fries.


The Burger had a Rib patty stuffed with a three cheese blend and Jalapenos in a pretzel bun alongside baby aragula, crispy onion straws, pico de gallo and a chipotle ranch sauce. I never had a burger with a pretzel bun and i have to say i like it very much.


The patty looks massive, but its due to the fact, that it was in fact filled with a lot of cheese and jalapenos. That was actually great. The Rib meat was fantastic and i love cheese and chilies. Jalapenos have just the right hotness to go with the vegetables on a burger, so it was awesome. The size was okay, not too big and the fries were only a very small portion. I guess you have to pay for all the TVs in the bar, because it was too expensive for that size. The pico de gallo and the chipotle ranch were the perfect match for the meat and the pretzel bun, so i enjoyed the burger until the last bite.

Burger patty: 5Stars

Burger size: 3.5 Stars

Burger Sauce: 5Stars

Overall Rating: 4Stars